Landowner: two-mile wide study corridor with parcel ownership

Route: corridor by region or state

Segment: routes by segment with ownership types

Constraints: routes with features that restrict routing

Interactive Map


The map below shows the project area and corresponding landowner maps. To view a specific map, use one of the search functions provided. The PDF map will open in a new window and show individual parcel information in relation to both the proposed two-mile wide study corridor and any alternate corridors in the area.

Please note: The corridors shown on the parcel maps are the two-mile wide study corridors; however the final right of way will be much smaller at approximately 150 – 350 feet wide. The right of way needed will vary by area, depending on the specific structures constructed. The routes identified are those that are being considered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the draft environmental impact statement (EIS) as announced on January 29, 2010.